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  • Where can I download the latest free Kontakt Player?

    You can download the free Kontakt Player from Native Instruments website: Online Cytotec

  • What payment options do you offer?

    Currently we offer Paypal and credit card. To pay via credit card select “Don’t have a Paypal account?” option during Paypal checkout process.

  • Do you plan to offer boxed versions of your libraries?

    At this stage no, as supplying our products digitally allows us to keep the prices low.

  • Can I sell a library I have bought from you?

    No, as licenses are non-transferable. When you purchase a library from us you are paying for the right/license to use the samples only in your own musical productions.

  • What is your refund policy?

    At this stage there are no refunds, as licenses are non-transferable.

  • Help I’ve got some technical issues! What should I do?

    Please contact us via the contact page on our website and we will do our best to help you.

  • How are your products delivered?
    Our products are delivered via download. We use Continuata’s custom downloader which automatically installs the library for you.

  • Do I have to pay VAT?

    We are an Australian based company and do not charge any additional tax. If you are an Australian resident GST will be inclusive.

  • What copy protection does this library use?

    There are two tiers of copy protection included with this library. The first is the Native Instruments serial authorization and secondly is Continuata’s proprietary watermarking technology which embeds your details in the Kontakt files on purchase.

  • What sample playback engine are your products designed for?

    Our libraries are programmed to work with Native Instruments Kontakt.

World Series Instruments

  • Can I cross-grade from the free Kontakt Player to Kontakt 5 if I own World Percussion 2.0?

    Yes you can, click the following Dapoxetine Online Australia for more information: Native Instruments – Cross Grade

  • Do you offer upgrade plans from previous versions of World Percussion?

    Yes please email us for more information.

  • How much hard drive space should I have to install World Percussion 2.0?

    You should have at least 50GB available. Though when installing you will need to have around double that as the Continuata installer has to download the RAR files first. Once the RAR files are on your system the extraction process will occur requiring an additional 50GB. If you like you can manually delete the RAR files once you’ve confirmed the installation was successful, in-turn reducing the used space back to 50GB.

  • Do I have to buy Kontakt 5 to use World Percussion 2.0?

    If you choose to buy the complete library of World Percussion 2.0, then it is not necessary to buy the full version of Kontakt 5 as it comes with the free Kontakt 5 player. Otherwise if you buy an individual region you are required to own the full version of Kontakt 5.

  • I love your midi grooves, but want to create my own and assign them to keys, is this possible?

    Yes this is possible. Please refer to the products user manual.

  • How many round-robin and velocities do your instruments have?

    Most instruments have up to 10 round robin, and up to around 10 velocities. Some instruments have more velocities in order to capture its true dynamics.

  • What are the benefits of having recorded real room sounds from an amazing scoring stage over using artificial reverb?

    We have found that recording at a world-class scoring stage with real room microphones results in an extra level of realism. This can be difficult to achieve otherwise.

  • Is it necessary for me to have a solid state drive?

    While it is not vital, it is recommended to have a solid state drive as it massively decreases the instrument/sample loading time. This leads to better sample streaming.

  • I have an older computer, will this library work ok for me?

    As long as you meet the minimum system specifications you should be fine. The more microphones and round robin you choose to have, the more intensive it is on your system. We have included for all instruments, the ability to reduce round robin and unload individual hit types and microphone sets.

  • When I use Logic and load a big World Inspire Set, Logic’s CPU maxes out and crackling starts to occur!

    Unfortunately there is not much we can do about this due to the way Logic deals with multi-core processing. The only solution that we recommend is to use VSL’s Vienna Ensemble Pro. For more information please go to Another thing if you are using the groove playback system that is scripted into World Percussion 2.0 and you find this causes the CPU to spike. Try dragging the individual midi grooves into your DAW located in the Midi Grooves folder. This should reduce CPU usage.

  • When I play back grooves in World Percussion 2.0 that are assigned to keys via Midibits my Kontakt’s CPU maxes out.

    As this feature is quite demanding especially for the World Inspire Sets (Multis) it can use a lot of CPU power. Try turning on multi-core support (if you computer allows) and/or increase the amount of cores being used. If you computer is just not powerful enough, we have included all the individual midi files with your purchase so you can easily drag and drop them into your DAW. They are found in the Midi Grooves folder.

  • Help Kontakt is crackling and popping when playing back World Percussion 2.0

    Have a look at Kontakt’s CPU and disk streaming meter. If the CPU meter is maxing out, try turning on multi-core support (if your computer allows) and/or increase the amount of cores being used. If your hard disk has trouble streaming audio, you can always increase the instrument pre-load buffer size. This will in-turn increase RAM usage but will take away some of the strain from the hard disk. This feature is found by going to the master options menu, then click on memory tab (Handy if your dealing with a huge World Inspire Set – Multi). Or otherwise if your are working with a singular instrument you can click on the toolbar icon, select the instruments options tab and then click on DFD. By increasing the pre-load buffer size, you are telling kontakt to use more of your computer memory (RAM) and less hard drive for streaming. Try increasing the buffer size until your hard drive stops maxing out.

  • Why is World Percussion 2.0 smaller in size than the original premier World Percussion HD (Engine version)?

    There are two reasons for this. First, we optimized the number of microphones to suit a more modern work flow by removing the unnecessary choices. This is in response to feedback from some of Hollywoods top composers. Second, we utilized the Native instruments compression format which astoundingly reduced the size of the library by over 60%!. Aside from these upgrades, everything else remain the same and has been improved upon.

Sample Licensing Agreement

  • Sample Licensing Agreement
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